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Veto Pro Pac Testimonials

Read up on Veto Pro Pac Testimonials from our happy Australian customers

A number of months ago I purchased a Tech LC and TP4.

These are (by far) the BEST tool bags I have EVER owned. If / when they wear out I won’t hesitate to purchase the same again. The layout/design has obviously been given a great deal of thought with provisions for almost every tool. I absolutely LOVE these tool bags and give them a real workout every day. Unlike my previous tool bags, with the Pro Pacs I am able to (at a glance) select the tool that is needed and then put it back in its rightful place. I would say that these bags have definitely improved my efficiency and have (in a short space of time) saved me many hours of searching at the bottom of useless tool bags for the right tool. In my opinion, these bags paid for themselves in a very short space of time.

I don’t mind paying for quality and yet these bags were reasonably priced. What I didn’t expect was the level of quality with ALL of the components that make up the tool bag. The workmanship and design is remarkable.

I am very impressed with your product. I would recommend it to ANY tradesperson who is after a high quality, rugged tool bag for a reasonable price. The efficiency of the tool bags is also a major plus and the layout actually encourages one to put tools back where they BELONG and not just throw them in any old spot. The advantage of this is that the tools are ALWAYS where you expect them to be. It also prevents one from losing tools as the layout immediately exposes any missing tools from the bags.

I cannot speak highly enough of your brand. Thank you for producing a great product. Keep up the excellent work.

– B. Hawkins | Managing Director | Hawkins Electronic Services Pty Ltd